My wife and I, opened our doors in August of 2016 here in Sacramento. Our restaurant is best known for our 7 Courses of Beef  or Bo 7 Mon menu with its fresh Wrap & Rolls.

My grandparents, Mr. Le Van Kha & Mrs. Nguyen Thi Duyen, created the Seven Courses of Beef Menu and this menu is now regarded as one of the many authentic dishes of Vietnam. In fact, this menu has become a part of the traditional Vietnamese dishes. We are extremely proud of this accomplishment and would love for you to try. 

Aside from the 7 Courses of Beef, we serve many other authentic Vietnamese dishes. At our Sacramento location, we have also incorporated Lao dishes such as Som Tum, Larb, Lao Sausages, and a variety of Jeows: Jeow Bong, Jeow Padaek, and Jeow Mak Phet. You can explore our full menu under the menu tab. 

They have a 2 locations in the Bay Area and we would like to share this good taste with you and your family.  - Michael & Daovone
Michael, born to the Anh Hong Bo 7 Mon Restaurant family as a third generation chef, has been involved in all Anh Hong restaurant build-ups in the Bay Area including their first restaurant in San Francisco in 1986. Since then he continued to expand to Milpitas, Berkeley and in 2016 opened this Sacramento location. Because of his love for Bo 7 Mon Menu, and good beer, he has immerged himself fully in the business to bring the Anh Hong Bo 7 Mon Menu created by his grandparents to food lovers all over the Bay Area. Michael and his restaruant was featured on KQED "Check Please!" as one of the local favorites in 2006.
Daovone, born in Xiang Khoang, Plain of Jars, Laos, received her training and education from the Pakpasak Culinary College in Vientiane, Laos. Daovone has won the first-prize trophy for "The Best Som Tum (Papaya Salad)" at the Amazing Thai Food Festival sponsored by the Thai Association of Northern California in 1998. She and her restaurant, Dara Thai Lao Cuisine in Berkekely (opened in 1992), was featured on San Francisco's Channel 4 "Bay Area Backroads" with Doug McConnell on their Best of Bay Area episode. Daovone published her cook book, "A Taste of Laos", in 2001 and today continues to share her love of cooking through her amazing dishes at Anh Hong and Dara Thai Lao Restaurants.
Did you know we also own a brewing company? Yes, we do. 
Our Brewing Company specializes in Asian Craft Beers. We ar the first Asian Craft Beer Company in Sacramento, CA.
We craft the first Hmong Beer in the history of Hmong people. Furthermore, we make Lan Xang Beer Lao and Anh Hong Beer Viet.
Dank beer
Inspired by marijuana, South Sacramento brewer creates Sac’s first Asian craft beer

By John Flynn 
This article was published on 03.08.18.
Michael Le, founder of Asian Brothers Brewing Co., said he experimented for seven months to create a pale ale that would capture the “essence of the Hmong people.” Brewing the first Asian craft beer in Sacramento, he wanted to make the flavor distinct to a culture that has endured despite being scattered around the world without a nation or flag to rally around.

Then, Le had an epiphany, when his friend gave him “a really nice, thumb-sized nugget” of Mango Kush.

“I smell it and it’s like, wow this is some really good shit,” Le recalls. “And then suddenly, in my head, I’m like, this is it. This is what I want in my beer.”

The finished product is the Nyiaj Kub Pale Ale. Run—don’t walk—to try it. Although containing no marijuana, the beer smells like a top-shelf strain, contains dank and tropical hoppy notes and goes down super easy without any sticky bitterness.

After sniffing it for a week and smoking a little, Le felt the smell and taste captured that elusive cultural essence, because, he says, Hmong people are some of the most prolific marijuana farmers in America. More personal to Le is the beer’s name, Nyiaj Kub, which is also the honorary “Hmong name” given to Le, a Vietnamese man, by Hmong friends that frequent his South Sacramento restaurant, Anh Hong.

The name means “money and gold,” and Le was delighted to receive it along with traditional Hmong New Year costuming for him and his Lao wife. After being embraced by Sacramento’s Hmong community, Le dedicated his craft beers to his friends, naming the beer label Hmong Nation Beer.

“We can’t do anything about a country, nothing about a flag, but we can make a beer,” he said. “Wherever we drink beer, that’s our nation.”

Le said his brews are designed for the Hmong tradition of buying a whole case of beer, doing a grandiose toast, then commanding everybody with a bottle to chug. Thus, drinkability is paramount.

Le said the pale ale represents the “heart of gold” of the Hmong people, while his pilsner represents their “mind of steel,” which he equates with an unshakeable loyalty to one’s friends.

Crisp, sweet and with just a hint of maltiness, Le’s Pilsner the Bull is another winner. And the two beers represent the first wave of local craft beer that had been sorely lacking in South Sacramento.

Going forward, Le wants to increase distribution and, eventually, open a brewery with a restaurant, biergarten and acres of hop vines, so as to carve out a tiny portion of the planet for Hmong Nation…beer, at least. But first, he wants to brew the official beer of Hmong New Year celebrations that occur internationally.

To this goal, Le noted a good omen. Reportedly, some of Le’s friends have said the Nyiaj Kub Pale Ale smelled like the “harvest time” of those inspirational buds. For outdoor growers, that comes near the end of October, just a bit before the Hmong New Year.
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Asian Brothers Brewing Company
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